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 My Hometown Mailer is a family-owned and operated monthly direct mail magazine that features ads from local businesses that serve our rural community in the mail districts of  75755 (Big Sandy) and 75765 (Hawkins /Holly Lake). For more than 20 years, our passion has been to help small business owners grow and readers save money while supporting the local economy. 

Business in a Box


 Get your own business in a box by creating your own direct mail magazine. Prior sales or advertising experience is not required. Begin your next chapter as an owner-operator in your local market based on the same values of community, savings, and helping small businesses that started My Hometown Mailer in Big Sandy & Hawkins.

Competitive Pricing


Whether you are looking to advertise in My Hometown Mailer, or start your own mailer in your hometown, there is no better value than our proven program.

  • Advertisers reach 6500 mailboxes in 75755 and 75765 for less than $.03 per impression.
  •  Start your own mailer for minimal cost with no inventory, little overhead and minimal staffing.  

Business in a Box

How It Works


Business in a Box partners with you and your local community to form long term relationships with clients resulting in repeatable revenue that thrives in all economic environments.    As a business owner of your own Direct Mail Magazine, you can enjoy a family-friendly schedule while helping local business owners reach their ideal customers.  Our formula for a direct mail magazine has a longer shelf life because it promotes the "Shop Local" community movement, and consumers are more likely to keep it longer than traditional loose-leaf paper or receipt coupons. This targeted approach leads to the success of your local customers and to the success of you as the business owner. 

First 5 Steps to Success


  1. Name your magazine.
  2. Secure your personalized template.
  3. Get your mail permit.
  4. Choose a printer.
  5. Set ad rates and start selling.

Need additional help?


  • Graphic Design
  • Business Cards
  • Website/Social networking
  • Printing
  • Mail & Rack Services 

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